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Robert L Elliott

ERA Solutions Group
Greater Chattanooga

ERA Solutions Group is a Veteran owned start up. We have all worked for companies where management just did not understand us, or worse, care much. Other companies embrace employee engagement and support but lack methods to assess overall workforce sentiment.
ERA Solutions Group offers companies survey research options with academic rigor that empowers employees to share their perspectives in an anonymous manner. We use reliable and valid scales in custom surveys to measure motivation, organization fit, commitment, wellness, training and more. This provides management accurate and reliable data to direct efforts in policy, strategy, incentives, and training. Employees get a voice to share their perceptions in a private secure manner. Outcomes influence retention, productivity, satisfaction and more.  COVID-19 is detrimental to the workforce. The remote nature many employees are experiencing places companies at risk of losing their best workers while also opportunities to acquire new talent willing to change jobs without requiring a physical move. We seek to work with companies who value employees and know the nexus between employee engagement and productivity/retention.